Academia Sinica(AS) VPN Service

The licensed library electronic resources are accessible off-campus via AS VPN service.

From 23 September 2019, the new VPN Service has been launched, and the new service supports 2-factor authentication to enhance the account security.

Available to
Academia Sinica people who have valid AS accounts.

VPN Activation Flowchart:


Download Operation Manual from attachment.


  1. Please visit the webpage ( to activate your VPN service.
  2. If you have no VPN activities for 90 contiguous days, your VPN service will be disabled automatically. In that case, if you still need to use the VPN service, you will need to re-activate your VPN account.
  3. The old version of VPN (Pulse Secure) will be closed on December 31, 2019 or until the system is no longer available.
  4. If the user's computer doesn’t have any network connection for more than 60 minutes, the VPN connection will be automatically terminated.
  5. Please connect to the VPN when necessary to avoid connection delay.