Information Security

Dear Internet User,
About your privacy rights of activities in the Website, the Website gives its absolute respect and protection. In order to help you understand how the Website collects, uses, and protects your personal information hereof, please read the following statement:

1. Scope of Use
The following policies apply to the collection, use and protection of your personal data while browsing the JLHS Website. However, said policy shall not apply to any activity you might initiate by virtue of passing to a different Web site as the result of a search on a JLHS Web page or by other means. The protection of your personal data while browsing other Web pages depends on the individual privacy policies of the sites involved.

2. JLHS adopts the following website security protection measures:
 2.1 Firewalls are installed to prevent illegal intrusion, damage or theft of data and other illegal uses of the website.
 2.2 Measures have been taken to detect network messages, helping to block any activity intended to harm the Website.
 2.3 Conduct daily internal network data security and virus checks, and update virus definitions and other security measures.
 2.4 Data is regularly backed up on a dedicated server.
 2.5 Network intrusion monitoring are used to prevent unauthorized attempts to upload, change or deliberately destroy information on the JLHS website.
 2.6 Set up a system backup facility to perform regular backups of necessary information and software during breakdowns or storage media failures.
 2.7 Network flow controls are used.

3. The JLHS reserves the right to amend this policy as needed to protect the security of your personal information. Such amendments will be immediately posted on the JLHS website.