Privacy Policy

Dear Internet User,
In order to ensure your privacy, "Joint Library of Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica Web site" (hereinafter called the " JLHS Web site") has established a privacy policy for its Web site.

1. Scope of Use
The following privacy policies apply when you are browsing the JLHS Web site. The policies concern the collection, use and protection of personal data. However, said policies shall not apply to any activity you might initiate by virtue of passing to a different Web site as the result of a search on a JLHS Web page or by other means. The protection of your personal data while browsing other Web pages depends on the individual privacy policies of the sites involved.

2. Data Collection
2.1 While you are browsing the JLHS Web site, the server will automatically produce a log file. This file includes your IP address, duration of visit, browser version used, and records of your browsing and clicking behavior. Information about pages viewed and time spent on-site is used to improve the quality of the JLHS Web site's service.

2.2 Users will be asked to fill up personal information when using "contact us" mail box, all the information will be kept for further improvement of the JLHS web site. Only your email addresses will be used for replying your messages. Any individual data will not be analysis.

2.3 JLHS website will not collect users' information unless users agree.

3. Cookie policy
In order to provide personalized service, the JLHS Web site uses cookies to store and in some circumstances track user data. Users may choose to accept all cookies, to be notified when a server sends a cookie, or to reject all cookies. If a user chooses to reject all cookies, it may be impossible for that user to access certain personalized services or to participate in certain activities on the JLHS Web site.

4. To protect users' privacy, JLHS reserves the right to modify this policy due to future regulations change or other reasons.