Brief History

In order to provide a better research environment, a project for constructing the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB) was formulated by Academia Sinica in June 1997. A proposal to establish a joint library in the building was made at the same time.

    Construction started in 2002 and finished in June 2006. Upon completion, the library was housed on the first and second floors, comprising around 9,000 square meters of surface area. Initially, five institutes were relocated to HSSB, namely the Institute of Sociology, the Institute of Taiwan History, the Institute of Linguistics, the Institute of Political Sciences, and Institutum Jurisprudenetiae.

    In the fall of 2006, the libraries of these five institutes merged and integrated their collections to form the Joint Library of Humanities and Social Sciences. The library opened to the public on December 19, 2006.