Penalty and Compensation

(1) Overdue fines

(A)Patrons are asked to return or renew materials when they are due. Borrowing privileges are blocked for failure to return books on time. In case items are not returned after the fourth recall, borrowers should note that borrowing privileges will be suspended and overdue fines will be charged.
(B)Overdue fines: NT$5 each working day.

(2) Penalty for lost the borrowed items

(A)Library items will be regarded as lost under any of the following circumstances:

(a) The patron notifies the library of having lost an item;
(b) The item is not returned after the fourth recall;
(c) The book pages have been ripped.

(B)Penalty and Compensation

(a) Patrons may replace the lost item with a new copy, or the latest edition of that item. Handling charge NT$300.- per volume should be paid.
(b) For out-of-print items, patrons may return xerox copies bound in hardcover with a proof certifying that items are out-of-print, and pay a fine of 2 times of each item's purchasing price. In case it is not possible to get a xerox copy of that item, a fine of 5 times of that item's purchasing price should be paid.
(c) In case a lost item belongs to a collection and will not be sold separately, the whole collection must be reimbursed.
(d) As to journals, a fine of two times of the ordering price per year of that lost journal should be paid.
(e) Reimbursements must be made within two weeks of notification. Otherwise borrowing privileges will be suspended.